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Ikea now offers a clean energy subscription service in Sweden

Customers with Ikea solar panels will also now be able to track usage and sell back excess energy.


The latest offering from retail giant Ikea will make it easier for private homes to use renewable energy -- at least in Sweden. Ikea launched a subscription service on Tuesday called Stromma that will allow customers to buy renewable electricity from solar and wind parks to power their homes. 

At launch, the service will only be available in Sweden, though the blog post announcing the service hints that Sweden is just the first country to get it and cites an "ambition to enable customers in all our Ingka Group markets to use and generate more renewable energy through our energy services by 2025." Ingka Group is the owner of most Ikea stores worldwide.

According to Reuters, Ikea's partner Skea Solar will buy power off of the Nordic power exchange and sell it to consumers without surcharge. Customers of the Stromma service can expect a fixed monthly fee plus a variable rate, but Ikea didn't specify what the charges will be.

Customers in Sweden will be able to track their energy usage in an app. The same app can be used by those who have purchased Ikea's solar panels. Those with solar panels will be able to sell excess energy back to Ikea. While the Stromma service is only available in Sweden, Ikea sells solar panels in 11 markets and the app should work for all.