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Don't go chasing this waterfall without $6,235 in hand

A faucet that Kohler debuted at CES 2022 hangs from the ceiling and has a wireless control and a hefty price tag.

The Kohler Purist Suspend Ceiling Mount Kitchen Faucet hangs over your sink and is controlled by a wireless, waterproof puck remote control. The faucet hangs on an adjustable hose that stays at the last height used, and the faucet head is weighted to keep it from swinging around when water flows. The hose is suspended from an arm that rotates 180 degrees and allows for a few different spray patterns.

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From the puck controller, you can turn water on or off and adjust water temperature. On the faucet itself you can stop or increase the flow of water (to quickly fill a sink, for example) and increase the pressure for rinsing veggies or spraying down greasy pans. The spray face resists mineral buildup, the company said.

The remote control faucet will set you back $4,300 to $6,235, depending on the finish. A quick search of Kohler's website reveals this is the company's most expensive faucet by over three grand.

"This faucet is for the design-savvy, minimalist, new-build consumer -- particularly for lovers of integrated technology within your home," a company spokesperson said via email. 

Kohler has announced fancy plumbing at CES before. Last year the company debuted a bathtub that, depending on the configuration, costs up to $16,000.