It's getting easier to share your Apple Health data with doctors for telehealth appointments

Verizon's BlueJeans Telehealth virtual care platform now lets you share your heart rate, sleep and falls with your doctor.

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Alison DeNisco Rayome

It's getting easier to share your Apple Health data with your telehealth provider. 

Vanessa Hand Orellana/CNET

The pandemic accelerated telehealth, moving many medical appointments to video chat to avoid exposure to the coronavirus. But it can be difficult to get health providers all of the information they need through the virtual setting. To combat this, BlueJeans Telehealth -- Verizon Business's virtual care platform -- is integrating Apple Health app data, including heart rate, ECG, sleep, step counts and falls, so you can share it with your telehealth provider to better inform your care, the company said Wednesday.

You can also select what type of data you share from your Apple Health app -- you don't have to send your health provider every piece of information if you don't want to, according to a release. You'll need to have the BlueJeans app on your iOS device to use the share feature. 

The addition marks another move into the health care space for Apple. The tech giant's Health app can collect a wealth of information, including heart rate, activity and sleep, and data that you input, such as food intake and weight. With the upcoming iOS 15, you'll also be able to securely share health information from the Health app with your doctor or family members. 

The goal seems to be to allow patients to share more contextual information with their providers, particularly in a telehealth setting, which could lead to better health outcomes. 

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