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Silent but deadly: Tesla unveils new 'fart app'

$35,000 Model 3? No. Farts. Merry Christmas.

Steven Ewing/Roadshow

Over the weekend, a random tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk made it sound like the electric-car company was working on a "fart app." Because 2018 never ceases to amaze, that's precisely what Tesla was up to.

As part of its latest software update, Tesla added a few more Easter eggs to its repertoire. Now, there's a "fart mode" that lets the automaker toot its own horn in a whole new way. Tesla owners can configure "fart mode" in one of two ways -- "Fart on demand" allows the driver to send flatulence through the speakers with a press of a scroll wheel, while "Fart on turn signal" is pretty self explanatory.

Here's a video of it in action, because you know you're curious:

Because variety is the spice of life, owners can choose from one of six different, um, "noises," along with a randomizer that picks a different one each time. The names for these, uh, "sounds" are all related to Musk's ventures in some way -- examples include Falcon Heavy, Short Shorts Ripper and the maybe-too-on-the-nose Ludicrous Fart. It feels strange that I am being paid legal tender to write these words.

It's ironic that Tesla would release a "fart app" for its cars in the company's least crappy year in some time. In the third quarter, Tesla found itself profitable for the first time in years, building on the strength of Model 3 demand. Then again, perhaps this was the best time to let 'er loose; if this came out while the company was still struggling financially, the (rightfully deserved) criticism would have never stopped. This way, we can focus on what matters most -- bad puns.