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Get 15 bottles (yes, 15 bottles) of wine delivered for $85 -- just $6 per bottle

This is not a drill: This is a really good deal on wine.

Wine Insiders

If you thrive on a little mystery and a lot of wine, I've got an offer that's way too good to pass up. StackSocial is running a special promotion on behalf of wine club Wine Insiders for 15 bottles -- yes, 15 bottles -- for just $85. That breaks down to $6 per bottle. Well, more like $8 per bottle when you include the $30 shipping, but it's still one heck of a deal to secure a solid backup inventory of vino. Of course, you won't know what wine you're getting until it arrives, you can choose all reds, all whites or a mix of both.

While the overall quality of the wine sent for this deal remains a mystery, I can tell you that I've received mixed boxes of wine from Wine Insiders before and have been pleasantly surprised. There was, admittedly, no Chateu Lafite but everything I got was drinkable and some bottles were much better than that. Heck, it never hurts to have a few bottles clinking around for that next impromptu backyard BBQ or to gift a dinner host when there's no time to hit the packy.

How it works: You'll first buy your 15-bottle wine deal via Stack Social here, then redeem your voucher on Wine Insiders here. That's it! Within a few days, 15 full bottles of wine will magically appear on your doorstop for you to open, drink, gift or save for later. 

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Wine Insiders not available to ship to the following states: Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, Rhode Island, South Dakota and Utah.