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The best wine gifts contain a secret message: "sit back, relax and enjoy yourself for once -- you've earned it." Nobody has earned it more than Mom and if yours is a fan of the grape stuff, you've got some excellent wine gift options for Mother's Day (Sunday, May 9), which is sneaking up just like the tannins in a Nebbiolo.

You could argue that wine all by itself is a bit of an impersonal gift, but that doesn't mean you should discount the category altogether. When it comes to picking a winner of a gift for an oenophile, a little thought and creativity will go a long way. If you're on the hunt for a special gift for a wine drinker this Mother's Day, we've got some ideas that go way beyond the bottle. 

Wine-inspired gifts and accessories prove a far more interesting way to surprise and delight and there are plenty to choose from that aren't a wine glass holder for the shower (cringe). From chic wine storage to giggle-inducing bottle stoppers, one-of-a-kind glassware, in-depth wine education and even some flamboyant gadgetry, these are a few of the best gifts for a wine lover this Mother's Day

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Uncommon Goods

These ombre stemless wine glasses are handmade in Mexico by artists -- each set is unique. Beyond wine, they'd make perfect water or cocktail glasses, so Mom should get plenty of use out of them.

Williams Sonoma

This wine decanter makes a lovely gift and was designed with high form and function in mind. It has a built-in aerator and strainer to get those big, chewy reds ready to drink even faster. It's also eye-catching but without being so fragile that a light breeze will send it toppling over.

Uncommon Goods

Remember that time you decorated your college apartment with rows of beer and liquor bottles. If that sent shivers down your spine, you can cleanse the memory with this extremely classy update on the concept in which actual plants and flowers can be grown out the top of a wine bottle. It's a bit of simple charm and a great way to commemorate any special bottle of vino.


Something tells me people are going to be on the move this spring and summer after a long year of being cooped up inside. There's isn't a more chic way I can think of to transport a few good bottles on your weekend adventures than with Rustco's two-bottle wine tote. It's made from waxed canvas and top-grain leather and the classy wine carrier is available in five color combinations.


OK, I know I said giving wine was impersonal, but the one exception may be a wine subscription. That's because wine clubs and subscriptions can be personalized and have a cool engagement and discovery factor -- you're really giving more than just wine, it's more of a wine "experience." Winc is a popular choice, but be sure to check out our favorite subscriptions for every type of wine drinker to find the perfect wine club for Mom.


This is a good one to get Mom if she's graduated from the Gallos and Cupcakes and wants to include more nuanced, complex and higher-priced premium wine in her repertoire life. 

The initial palate quiz is one of the most involved, asking for varietal (pinot noir vs. shiraz, for instance) preferences in addition to using several household name wines as taste benchmarks. It also asks you about certain tasting notes and qualities you might prefer in your perfect wine -- such as minerality -- to help hone in on great wines for a slightly more refined palate. 

It's also one of the more affordable wine clubs with tons of good bottles for under $15. Mom -- or you, for that matter -- will also get the first six bottles for a hugely discounted price, sometimes as low as $60 and they'll give you a credit for any wines you don't like. If that's not an incentive to give it a go, I don't know what is.

Wine Enthusiast

This gift is obviously only right for someone who has the wall space for it, so tread lightly, but there is something effortlessly cool about this asymmetrical wine bottle rack. Plus, it's on sale for $50 right now.

Made In

If Mom is working with a mess of mismatched and not-so-great wine glasses, you can change that in one fell swoop. Chic direct-to-consumer kitchen brand Made In has some mighty attractive and modern wine glasses. You can snag a set of eight -- four red and four white -- for $99.

Murray's Cheese

Stop me if you've heard this, but cheese and wine make a pretty solid pairing. If Mom is particular about wine and prefers to choose her own bottles, a cheese subscription might be a better fit. Iconic New York cheese shop Murray's Cheese has a few subscriptions to choose from. While we're not talking about budget cheese here, you can prepay for three months of cheese deliveries starting at $175 total. Each shipment will include three to four expertly selected cheeses in a range of varieties.


Of all the many subcategories in the food and drink world, wine is one of the more complex. That said, a bit of knowledge, know-how and the vocabulary to both understand and express it all goes a long way in helping one enjoy wine more. That's why an intimate online course with a master like James Suckling -- a renowned American wine critic -- makes a great gift for the wine drinker you suspect would like to dive a bit deeper.

Membership to MasterClass is $15 per month, but that gives you access to an enormous library of tutorials including those by Anna Wintour, Thomas Keller, Malcolm Gladwell and many more. 


This rubber chicken wine stopper is the perfect foil for someone who takes wine way too seriously, and the perfect gift for someone who doesn't. 


Karen MacNeil's seminal work on wine is a must-have for any true wine drinker. Many have lauded it as the most complete wine book ever, and it contains loads of useful and usable information -- no matter what level wine drinker you are -- from the history of wine and wine-making to the intricacies of the many regions and varietals. All of this wine information is a total steal for just $17.


This might be one of the better wine inventions of late. It allows you to pour wine without removing the cork which means one- or two-glass types can pour without technically opening the bottle and exposing the rest of the wine to oxygen. It's also great for folks looking to age their wine -- with the Coravin you can sneak a taste and see if it's ready to roll or needs more time in the cellar.

Uncommon Goods

These clever soaps aren't made from wine, but with ingredients and notes meant to replicate popular varietals like berry, plum, and apple for pinot noir and bright citrus for chardonnay. A pack of four is $30.


I'm not always one for gag gifts, but I can't help it with this one. I love the idea and the execution is even better. I'm sure washing these shark-infested wine glasses is a bit tricky, but totally worth it for the chorus of chuckles.

Sur la Table

Keeping a bottle of white chilled once it lands on the table isn't easy, especially if you drink your wine at a normal human pace. (No judgments if you don't.) Kept in the freezer, the Corkcicle does exactly what you think it would do, plus it aerates the wine as you pour. That's what we in the biz call a "wine-win-win"!

More for Mom 

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