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Our Top-Rated Weber Portable Grill Is $205 Right Now (Save $55)

The compact Weber Q is the best portable gas grill we've tested.

A man cooks meat on a grill in the woods

When the weather starts to warm and grilling season nears, we put several of the leading small grills to the test to find the very best portable grills. For the past three years, Weber's sturdy and reliable Q1200 has taken the top spot as the best overall portable grill. The compact Weber is solidly built, cooks evenly across a spacious 189 square-inch grill top and has plenty of power to sear steaks, burgers, chicken and vegetables. 

The 8,500-BTU Weber Q1200 normally sells for $260, but right now you can snap up a new one for just $205 on Woot. That's a savings of $55 and an excellent deal on a true workhorse of a small grill. 

If you're looking for a larger model, Char-Griller's large charcoal grill with a side smoker box is down to $170 -- normally $276. We have yet to test this grill, but if you have designs on becoming a pitmaster this summer, the Char-Griller is likely the better pick.

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