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Turn Up the Heat With Up to $150 Off a New Traeger Grill

Traeger grills are some of the most popular models out there, and right now you can score one for less.


It's getting hot outside, and you know what that means. A return to the backyard, to water wings and sunscreen, to picnic tables, and best of all, grilling. Nothing brings a family or a pack of unruly friends together like outdoor cooking. So grab your apron or kiss the barbecue chef, and let's bring out the meats and meatless treats, because everything tastes better with smoke and grill lines. And right now, Ace is the helpful place to find some of the best deals available on Traeger barbecue and grilling essentials. Some of Traeger's most impressive grills are discounted up to $150 off now through May 8.

Wood-fire grilling is about as easy as using an oven, and you can cook a surprising amount of things in one, from wood-fired pizza and certain breads or vegetables to an entire barbecue feast. And with Wi-Fi capability, monitoring and maintaining temperature becomes a total breeze right from your phone via the Traeger app.

Several of Traeger's standout wood grills are coming in hot, with deals that won't disappoint. From now through May 8, you can save $100 on the Traeger Pro 575 Pellet Grills and the Traeger Pro 780 Pellet Grill. And for the Traeger Ironwood Pellet Grill models, you can take off a whopping $150. That means you can put that savings toward all the great things you're going to be cooking when you bring one of these babies home.

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Summer barbeques start with a grill.

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