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This robot trash can is a lot cooler now that it's half the price

Upgrade your kitchen and life will be a lot easier around dinner time.

Insignia Trash Can
Best Buy

One of the worst places you can have your hands full is right in front of the trash can. There's a good chance what you need to throw away is kinda gross, and it would be a lit easier if the lid would just open on command. In addition to keeping the spread of germs down, robotic lift arms on trash cans have become increasingly common. With Best Buy's sale today, you can also see they are becoming more affordable as well. 

Insignia is Best Buy's brand for all things made in-house, and many of these products have a reputation for being pretty good. This robotic trash can will sense your hand movement nearby and lift the lid automatically, saving you from having to step on a lever or touch the top of the can with your hands. The lid reveals sections for recycling and garbage, so you can remove as needed and keep everything in one place. It's a handy accessory to have, especially when you don't have to play full price.