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This $80 Coffee Maker Works With K-Cups and Grounds to Brew a Single Cup in 90 Seconds

Brew up to 12 ounces of coffee at a time with this two-in-one coffee maker, perfect for the solo sipper.

Instant Pot

Single-serve coffee makers are hard to beat in terms of convenience and speed, especially if you live on your own or have family members who all have different coffee preferences. And whether you enjoy K-Cup pods, ground coffee or a mix of both, this coffee maker by Instant Pot has you covered. The compact two-in-one saves counter space without sacrificing flavor. Amazon is currently offering a $20 discount on the Instant Solo Single-Serve 2-in-1 Coffee Maker, bringing the price down to $80.

You can brew either 8, 10 or 12 ounces of coffee in just 90 seconds, which is ideal for those mornings when you're in a rush. You can also adjust the brew strength to make your cup of joe as strong as you want it. Plus, the included reusable pod's preinfusion process extracts deeper flavor and body from coffee grounds. On the back of the coffee maker is a large, 40-ounce removable reservoir that allows you to brew more before having to refill. So if you want to make your mornings easier, waste less coffee and tailor every pour, snag one for yourself today.

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