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The Robot Vacuum That Keeps My Floors Clean Daily Is $170 Off Right Now

This deal will clean your floors, not your wallet.

Roomba 671
Some other fun names for your robot vacuum: Hairy Potter, Mr. Clean, Mop.
Screenshot by Zach McAuliffe/CNET

Pet hair, crumbs and other debris just seems to buildup on my floors. If you're like me, you might say you'll vacuum later but never get to it. With the iRobot Roomba 671, though, cleaning your floors is easy, and the robot vacuum is $180 -- down from $350 -- as part of Amazon's Prime Early Access Sale.

My wife and I registered for this robot vacuum almost a year ago for our wedding, and we've used it almost every day since then. Our dog sheds, and we would need to vacuum every day to keep up. Thanks to this vacuum, we can.

It vacuums our rugs, hardwoods and tiles without scuffing our floors. It would get wedged under our couch at first, but since then we've wedged some pillows under the couch to block the vacuum's path. 

You can also set your robot vacuum to clean on a schedule -- like at night -- so all you have to do is empty its tray once a day. 

The iRobot app also makes it easy run your robot vacuum whenever. Plus, when you set up your robot vacuum in the app, you can name it whatever you want. We named ours Alfred after one Batman's butler. Now, whenever our vacuum is stuck or needs help, we get messages on our phone's about Alfred's situation. My favorite is, "Alfred is stuck near a cliff." That rascal. 

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