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Nomad Is Offering Its Leather AirTag Loop for Free Right Now

CNET readers just need to pay shipping for this awesome AirTag accessory.

A leather AirTag loop from Nomad with an Apple AirTag attached is displayed against a yellow background.

If you ever misplace your keys or find yourself looking for where you just sat your bag down, investing in an Apple AirTag can be a good idea. These water- and dust-resistant Bluetooth trackers can help you locate lost items with Apple's Find My app. And a removable cover can help keep these tracking tiles from getting scratched or damaged. 

Right now CNET users can snag a free leather AirTag loop from Nomad. Just follow the link below and use promo code CNETLOOP at checkout. The coupon is good for one leather loop per customer (a $10 value). After the first 100 sold out, Nomad was kind enough to triple it for our readers, meaning that there are 200 of these left, so you'll want to act quickly.

A few things to note about this deal: Most importantly, you'll have to pay for the shipping, which should run about $7, though this will be different depending on where you live. Also note that this deal is for the original version of Nomad's leather loop, which is pictured above and does not apply to the newer, more expensive version that was more recently released. While this deal is available through the weekend, it is limited to the next 200 buyers, so keep that in mind as you shop. 

If you do not already own an AirTag, you'll have to purchase one separately. One thing to consider before investing in an AirTag is that state officials have warned the public that AirTags can be misused and reports have indicated that the devices have been used for stalking. Apple has since added a few extra security features to help prevent its AirTags from being used maliciously, such as a shortened time period in which a nonowner is notified of an AirTag's presence, improved warning sounds and more. You can also help protect yourself from being tracked with a few simple steps. 

If you want to keep your AirTag safe and secure while also maintaining a sleek, classic look, take advantage of this deal while you can.

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