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Score 30% Off a RiotPWR ESL Mobile Controller

Take your mobile gaming experience to the next level for less.


I'm an avid player of mobile games. But as I've gotten older, holding my phone for extended periods was becoming a hassle, so I tested this RiotPWR controller. If you're interested in trying this controller, RiotPWR is running a deal for CNET readers where you can get it for $49 (save 30%) with the offer code 30CNETRP until March 31.

This is a mobile controller that works for both iOS and for Android, though I only tested it for Android. There were several things I liked about this controller. The first thing was how comfortable it was to use. I could grip the controller and play for hours without a problem (and nothing lagged). The other feature I liked was Ludu Mapp, an app with hundreds of built-in compatible games, which took the guessing game out of what I could play. That said, you can play games without this app too, but certain games where touching the screen is vital (such as Plants vs. Zombies) didn't work. 

While there was a lot to like about the controller, there were a few things I didn't care for. The buttons are on the noisy side and the color scheme is not my personal favorite. If I compare this mobile gaming controller to the Backbone One, for example, it's not going to beat it. This mobile controller's design is definitely not as impressive. And it's not the cheapest Android mobile controller either. In comparison to the PowerA MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip 2.0, you're paying $34 more with the discount and even more without it.

Overall, If you're looking for something high-end with more features, grab a Backbone One for iPhone users or a Razer Kish for Android. And if you're on a budget, the PowerA MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip 2.0. is great too (as long as you have a console controller lying around). But if you want something right in the middle that's comfortable on your hands and can play a variety of games, try this one out.

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