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Save Up to $510 on Roborock Vacuums During Its 8th Anniversary Sale

Save more when you grab one, two or more robot vacuums or handheld sets.

Roborock robot vacuum and handheld set

Keeping your home clean can be a tedious and time-consuming task that unfortunately needs to be done. Picking up dust and other messes is easier with robot vacuums that can scan your floors and rugs, and automatically clean them. Roomba was the original vacuum with this capability, but now there are other great brands out there like Roborock. Right now, the company is having its 8th Anniversary Sale and offering great discounts across the board.

From now until Friday, Sept. 2, you can save up to $510 when you choose a bundle deal from Roborock. One of those bundles includes the S7 MaxV Ultra robot vacuum and the handheld Dyad vacuum. Originally $1,850, you can have it for $1,340. The robot vacuum works with Alexa and Google Home, and the handheld vacuum has a dual roller motor with high suction power.

Alternatively, you can grab the S7 Plus Robot with an Auto Empty-Dock and a Cyclone Dustbin for $710 (save $310). Choose which emptying option you want to use; this bundle comes with both. The auto empty-dock can go up to eight weeks before it needs to be empty, but until then it keeps allergens locked with an onboard filtration system. The Cyclone Dustbin can go up to six weeks without emptying.

Here are some other great vacuum deals that don't have to be bundled during this sale.

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