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Save $240 on a Robot Vacuum That Does It All -- Including Self-Emptying Its Dust Bin

Grab one of our favorite vacuum cleaners, the Roborock S7 Plus, for $710 and let it clean everyday messes for you.

The Roborock S7 Plus robot vacuum and mop with self-emptying base is displayed against a purple background.

A great way to reduce the time you spend on everyday chores around the house is to invest in a powerful robot vacuum. Robot vacuums automatically clear away everyday dirt and debris from your floors, and the best ones are versatile, too, with a ton of features to make your life easier. 

 The Roborock S7 Plus is a combination system that does it all when it comes to keeping your floors tidy. It's a robot vacuum and mop, and it also has a self-emptying base that traps dirt for weeks. Right now Wellbots has discounted the S7 Plus by $240, bringing the price to $710.

Our favorite midrange robot vacuum for 2022 offers a ton of features, including 2,500 Pa suction power, which lifts dirt, debris, dust and more from carpets and hard floors with ease. (Suction is measured in Pascal, or Pa, units of pressure.) The S7 also features a multidirectional floating brush, which is able to stay closer to uneven ground, as well as Ultrasonic Carpet Recognition technology that automatically adjusts the cleaning power on carpeted surfaces to clean more efficiently.    

And because this device is a two-in-one, it'll save you even more time. While some robot mops have struggled in the court of public opinion, the S7 Plus comes equipped with VibraRise sonic vibration technology that scrubs hard floors up to 3,000 times per minute and intelligent moping lifting that detects carpet and automatically switches to vacuum-only mode.

The auto-empty dock is another great feature. Instead of having to empty the vacuum just about every time you use it, the bin will transfer dust and debris into the base. It holds up to eight weeks' worth at a time, so you'll only have to empty it about six or seven times a year. 

This robot vacuum has a run time of up to 180 minutes before it needs to recharge. It also includes a multilevel mapping system and allows you to create no-go zones and no-mop zones, providing a truly customized cleaning experience.

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