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Ready Player One readers, get ready for the sequel, Ready Player Two

Dive back into the Oasis this fall, with the follow-up to the 2011 best-seller that became a 2018 Steven Spielberg movie.

It might be the most obvious sequel name of the year. Ready Player Two, the sequel to Ernest Cline's 2011 science fiction best-seller Ready Player One, will be published Nov. 24 by Ballantine Books, and is already available for preorder online. The first book, a pop-culture-packed tale about a future where humans escape a bleak dystopia through the virtual reality software Oasis, was turned into a 2018 movie directed by Steven Spielberg.

In 2018, Cline told The Hollywood Reporter the Spielberg film made writing the sequel more challenging because he wanted to make sure it was true to the book, not the movie version. 

The sequel is 384 pages long and the hardcover edition is priced at $28.99 (about £23, AU$42). The listing doesn't reveal any plot details. The first book introduced readers to teenager Wade Watts, who finds fame and love as he succeeds at an enormous treasure hunt within the Oasis.

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