Maker's Mark will pay your baggage fees this holiday

There's no catch, but the promotion ends once reimbursements hit $50,000.

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Maker's Mark

If you're traveling this month, Maker's Mark wants to lighten your load a bit and give you the option to lug some Kentucky bourbon to your destination, free of airline charges. The stalwart whiskey producer is reimbursing holiday travelers for checked baggage fees on flights from Dec. 15 through Dec. 31, 2021.

It's the booze brand's inaugural "Whisky Flights" program, and it aims to encourage folks to fly with a bottle of its signature wheated bourbon to share with friends and family over the holidays. (But you could also totally use that extra space to transport the new kitchen gadget you bought for mom.) To score this travel promotion, all you have to do is be 21 years of age, save your checked baggage receipt during the qualifying period and submit it online at https://whiskyflights.makersmark.com/. You'll be reimbursed for bag fees up to $40 via digital gift card.

While there's no real catch, Maker's is capping the reimbursements at $50,000 in total so it is first come, first serve. By our calculations, that's about 2,000 checked bags. It's also limited to one bag per person. There are no requirements to purchase Maker's Mark bourbon to qualify, but you probably should anyway because it's rather delicious. 

Happy travels, whiskey fans. 

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