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Grill Sale: These Discounted Char-Broil Grills Prevent Flare-Ups and Cold Spots

Haul in a three-burner gas grill with Tru-Infrared technology for just $200 -- today only.


I don't know about where you are, but it sure feels like spring in New York this week. That signals nothing but good times ahead for all you grillers -- and eaters. If your current gas grill has gotten a little crusty or rusty, two Char-Broil propane grills with Tru-Infrared are on super sale at Woot, down to $200 for the three-burner Signature series and $220 for the two-burner Performance series. That's a healthy 37% and 39% discount from their list prices and includes free shipping for Amazon Prime members, but it's only for today. 

if you're wondering what this Tru-Infrared technology is all about it, we've done a little digging. It's essentially a gas grill but with a barrier called an "emitter plate" sandwiched in between the flames and the grill grates to control the heat, spreading it out more evenly and stopping gnarly flare-ups before they reach the surface. Here's a little more from Char-Broil's website.


We haven't tested Tru-Infrared tech yet, but these grills get good marks on Amazon proper, where these grills are selling for nearly double the price.

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