Get started in VR with the Samsung HMD Odyssey Plus for just $230

This Windows Mixed Reality headset is compatible with the HTC Vive and is selling for over 50% off.

Dave Johnson
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As something of a VR fanatic, I have some strong opinions about which headset I'd recommend to friends looking to get into virtual-reality gaming . Unfortunately, starting at $400, even the "affordable" Oculus Quest is priced beyond what many reasonable people are willing to spend on the equivalent of a gaming peripheral. But what if you could get a solid VR headset for just $230? That's a game-changer. Right now, you can get the Samsung HMD Odyssey Plus VR headset for just $229, slashed from the regular price of $500. 

If Dell runs low on inventory, you can also get it at the same $230 price for the Odyssey Plus directly from Samsung. 

At its regular price of $500, I would not necessarily recommend the Odsyssey Plus, but at less than half that price, it's a whole different story. It's part of Microsoft's not-super-popular Windows Mixed Reality family of headsets, but is also compatible with the large library of Steam VR games. Its dual AMOLED display matches the 1,440x1,600-pixel resolution of the HTC Vive Pro , and also includes an anti-screen-door technology that Samsung claims makes the notorious cross-hatching common in VR headsets less noticeable. For more information, you can read our first impressions of the Samsung Odyssey Plus

Bottom line: There are not many ways to get into VR for less money than this Odyssey Plus headset deal. 

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