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Clean Away Every Mess With These Robot Vacuums and Mops Starting as Low as $150

Work smarter, not harder and let these robots do the heavy lifting of household chores for you.

Take a chore or two off your to-do list. With a robot vacuum or mop, there's less hassle when it comes to cleaning your floors. These devices are convenient and can save you time and effort, so you can dedicate your time and energy to other tasks.  

Right now, Woot has ILife robot vacuums and mops on sale for up to 34% off. These deals are available now through July 11, while supplies last. 


This robot vacuum offers strong 2,000-Pa suction to clear away debris on hard floors and low to medium pile carpets and is packed with a lot of great features, including a floating roller brush, smart laser navigation, voice control and more. You can set no-go zones or preschedule cleanings and if your vacuum runs low on battery before it has finished a job, it will resume where it left off automatically after it recharges.


This robot vacuum features a variety of modes designed to keep your floors spotless. Edge Mode focuses on corners and edges, while Path Mode maximizes your cleaning coverage. Max Mode enhances the suction to 1,500 Pa, and Spot Mode will give intensive cleaning to small areas in need, increasing the suction to 2,000 Pa. You can schedule cleanings from the app. It also comes with a 600-milliliter dustbin that is easy to empty, but it can be switched out for vacuum bags if you prefer.


This two-in-one robot vacuum and mop features a sweeping system with Gen 3 CyclonePower for strong suction, a mopping system with an intelligent water tank to adapt to different floor types and a large 750-milliliter dustbin so that this device can clean larger spaces without the hassle of frequent emptying. It can clean for up to 110 minutes on a full charge and has an enhanced suction inlet that ensures pet hair and debris go into the dustbin.


And if you're wanting a mop minus the vacuum, check out the Shinebot. This mopping robot will recover the dirty water from your floors and dry them within one minute. It features four cleaning modes and has a four step cleaning process that includes spraying the floor to soften set-in stains, scrubbing the floor with a microfiber roller, removing dirty water with powerful suction and wiping residue up with a rubber scraper. It features dual water tanks, too -- an 850-milliliter water tank to deposit clean water and a 900-milliliter water tank to collect dirty water.

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