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Flash sale: This indoor cast iron steam grill is down $140 right now

Plus deep discount on a quality knife set for one day only.

Sur la Table

if you're feeling the end-of-summer blues just thinking about bidding your outdoor grill farewell, don't panic yet. A Staub cast-iron indoor steam grill is on deep discount at Sur la Table right now and will keep those burgers grill-marked through next spring. 

The indoor enameled cast-iron grill, from one of the leading producers of cast-iron cookware, can be used on a stovetop or open flame for those late summer camping adventures. The tight-fitting lid allows healthy steam cooking of fish, chicken, veggies and so on while the enameled cast-iron grill surface is ideal for searing burgers and steaks.

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During Sur la Table's one-day flash sale the Staub cast-iron steam grill in black is available for $90 (down from $230) while a set of sturdy and sharp kitchen knives from chef-favorite Zwilling J. A. Henckels -- which includes a 7-inch chef's knife and generally retails for $200 or more -- is going for just $90, today only.

Sur la Table

While indoor grilling isn't usually a particularly desirable, or even plausible, endeavor, a stovetop steam grill provides a worthy compromise. The handy tight-fitting lid means you can steam cook fish, chicken and vegetables, keeping fat down, while the enameled cast-iron grill bottom imparts those all-important marks and a tasty char.

Sur la Table

These cult-favorite knives undergo a proprietary ice-hardening for increased durability and resistance to erosion. The set contains a 7-inch chef's knife (the most important in your set), a 5.5-inch serrated knife for bread and softer foods and a 4-inch paring knife ideal for precision work like trimming and peeling.