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A Stunning All-Clad Roaster Can Be Yours (or Mom's!) for $50 -- Save $30

If Mom is a regular holiday or dinner party host, this luxury roasting pan will make a fabulous gift on Mother's Day.


There's nothing better than a cooking vessel that looks so good it can be brought to the table for serving and still catch looks from dinner guests. That's what All-Clad's stately stainless steel roasting pan will do and it can be had for $50 right now. The deal is happening at Macy's and it's $30 cheaper than we can find the same roaster at any other retailer. It's also the lowest price I can ever recall seeing on the elegant and versatile All-Clad pan.

All-Clad is at the top of the heap when it comes to luxury cookware brands and has earned a cult-like following among pro chefs and home cooks. This 15-inch pan is large enough to hold a 15-pound turkey and is forged from heavy-duty 18/10 stainless steel. It also comes with two All-Clad pot holders for safe transport. Use this beauty for roasting chickens, turkeys, cuts of beef and pork or just a simple melange of vegetables.