You Can Play as Cartoon Cat Garfield in Stray Mod

Good news for gamers, lasagna lovers and Monday haters.

Gael Cooper
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Gael Cooper
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A mod of the smash-hit video game Stray has something big in store for Garfield fans. The mod allows players to embody the comic-strip cat.

First off, Stray is the purr-fect game of the moment, where you play as a nameless orange cat who wanders through a city of robots trying to get back to its family. The game is even popular among real cats, which apparently love to watch their owners play.

Garfield, of course, is the orange kitty who made his 1978 debut in Jim Davis' comic strip and has since starred in numerous TV specials, two feature films and a couple of video games. Garfield has been around so long he's even been honored with Garfield Minus Garfield, a project where creator Dan Walsh erases the cat from its own strip, granting Davis' jokes a different meaning along the way.

The Garfield-Stray pairing was a match made in heaven: orange kitty meets orange kitty. So, Chris Rubino created a downloadable Stray mod called Garfield -- Cartoon Edition, and there's just something funny about seeing the familiar chubby-faced Garfield going on adventures in Stray. 

The Garfield mod isn't the only one available for Stray. One mod (terrifyingly) replaces the game's kitty with the human character CJ from the game Grand Theft Auto

Another, touching, mod lets players change the color of the Stray kitty to gray. Apparently, the creator's own dearly departed pet was gray. You can find more mods for Stray online

And though the focus is on orange cats, let's take a moment to remind ourselves that they're no dumber than cats of a different color, despite what rumors and memes may claim.

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