See winning wildlife photography pictures and marvel at the animal world

From marmots to squid, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition celebrates creatures great and small.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper
1 of 15 Yongqing Bao/Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Outfoxing a marmot

From an eagle soaring over Norway to rats scurrying for garbage in Manhattan, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards developed and produced by London's Natural History Museum honor some of the best animal photography from around the globe. 

Chinese photographer Yongqing Bao won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019 title for "The Moment," a photo showing a Tibetan fox apparently about to lunge at a startled, human-seeming marmot. The rodent did not survive the encounter.

2 of 15 Cruz Erdmann/Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Underwater adventure

Cruz Erdmann, 14, was named Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019, for "Night Glow," his portrait of an iridescent big fin reef squid, taken at night in the Lembeh Strait off North Sulawesi, Indonesia. 

3 of 15 Thomas Easterbrook/Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Whirring wings

Thomas Easterbrook took first place for photographers age 10 and under for "Humming Surprise," which shows a hummingbird hawkmoth siphoning nectar from an autumn sage.

4 of 15 Riccardo Marchegiani/Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Mom and baby

Riccardo Marchegiani won in the category for photographers aged 15-17 with "Early Riser." A female gelada, a grass-eating primate found only on the Ethiopian Plateau, climbed close to the young photographer with her week-old infant clinging to her belly. See its eyes peeking out?

5 of 15 Shangzhen Fan/Wildlife Photographer of the year

Snowy sight

Shangzhen Fan of China won in the Animals in Their Environment category. His image, "Snow-Plateau Nomads," shows a herd of male chiru (Tibetan antelope) leaving footprints on a snowy slope in China's Kumkuli Desert.

6 of 15 Ripan Biswas/Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Sneaky spider

In "Faces of Deception," Ripan Biswas captured a crab spider mimicking an ant to infiltrate a red weaver ant colony in India's Buxa Tiger Reserve. The spider appeared to be hunting the ants it was hiding among. 

7 of 15 Manuel Plaickner/Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Watery wonder

In "Pondworld," Manuel Plaickner captured a dreamy image of common frogs in South Tyrol, Italy, breeding en masse in a pond that's likely the very one where they themselves were spawned.

8 of 15 Audun Rikardsen/Wildlife Photographer of the Year

On eagle's wings

Norwegian photographr Audun Rikardsen took "Land of the Eagle" near his home in northern Norway. He positioned a camera on an old tree branch three years ago and the golden eagle gradually got used to the camera and began to land on the branch.

9 of 15 Daniel Kronauer/Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Army of ants

American photographer Daniel Kronauer took this photo of a nomadic ant colony in Costa Rica. The ants use their bodies to build a daytime nest to house the queen and larvae.

10 of 15 Ingo Arndt/Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Puma attack

Ingo Arndt of Germany took this photo of a puma attacking a guanaco (an animal related to the llama) in Patagonia, Chile. While the puma stalked its prey for a half-hour, the guanaco did get away.

11 of 15 Zorica Kovacevic/Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Tangled tree

Zorica Kovacevic took first place in the Plants and Fungi category for this eerie shot of a Monterey cypress tree covered in velvety-looking algae.

12 of 15 David Doubilet/Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Garden of Eels

American David Doubilet won the Under Water category for this shot of a colony of garden eels off Dauin, in the Philippines. The orange fish is a wrasse, the slender fish behind it a cornetfish.

13 of 15 Charlie Hamilton Jones/Wildlife Photographer of the Year

The Rat Pack

Charlie Hamilton Jones took this photo of brown rats in New York's Lower Manhattan, as the critters scampered between their home and a pile of garbage bags. The photo won the Urban Wildlife category.

14 of 15 Luis Villariño Lopez/Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Hawaiian lava

Spanish photographer Luis Villariño Lopez framed this shot through the door of a helicopter, capturing red-hot lava spewing from one of the world's most active volcanos, Kilauea, on Hawaii's Big Island.

15 of 15 Max Waugh/Wildlife Photographer of the year

Snow angel

American photographer Max Waugh won in the Black and White category for his image of a lone American bison weathering a winter storm in Yellowstone National Park.

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