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Yes, you can buy wrapping paper with your face on it. Here's how

You won't even have to write who the gifts are from because everyone will know.

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Katie Teague
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Customize your own gift wrap.

Gift Wrap My Face

Looking for a unique way to wrap your gifts this year? Sure, you could use fabric in lieu of gift wrap or add bows and eucalyptus to the presents. But we found something that we're sure no one else will have: Wrapping paper with your own face on it.

Personalized gift wrap with your face can help make the gift feel even more special. Not only is it a good conversation starter but it's a nice surprise for those you won't be able to see during the holidays. Plus, everyone will know who the gift is from. 

We'll show you how to order your very own customized wrapping paper from Gift Wrap My Face. And check out our holiday gift guide to pick the perfect present. And if you're not sure what to get your dad, here are a few gift suggestions he will love. 

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How to get wrapping paper with your face on it

1. Visit the Gift Wrap My Face website and select Shop Our Products.

2. From here, select the type of gift wrap you want. For instance, you can choose Christmas, Hanukkah, birthday, characters or weddings. 

3. Next, scroll through the different designs of wrapping paper and pick your favorite. For example, if you chose Christmas, you can put your face on a tree or present.

4. Once you make your selection, you'll need to decide how many rolls you want. You can choose from one roll for $20 or five for $70.

5. Here's where you'll use the photo you picked out. Scroll down and tap Choose a Photo. You can add photos from local files, your camera roll, Facebook and Instagram. Crop the image so it's showing your face and hair and click Apply. Tap Add. Note that you can add more faces to the gift wrap for an additional $1.50.

6. Click Buy It Now.

7. Next, you'll need to enter your contact information and shipping address. Tap Continue to shipping.

8. Select your shipping method and click Continue to payment.

9. Enter your credit card details, or use Shop Pay, PayPal or ZipPay. Tap Pay Now (or Complete Order if using one of the other payment methods).

That's it! Now you can give gifts with your face on customized wrapping paper.

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