Xbox goes Wonder Woman 1984 with spectacular '80s-style consoles

The custom consoles are based on Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth, her gold armor and the villainous Cheetah.

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Xbox Ones based on Wonder Woman 1984 designs.


Microsoft on Tuesday brought us back to the '80s with a trio of custom Xbox One X consoles inspired by the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984. It follows the movie getting a new trailer during last weekend's DC FanDome.

"Inspired by the iconic armor and outfits worn by the powerful female leads of the movie comes three custom consoles like you've never seen them before," Aaron Greenberg, marketing manager for Xbox games, wrote in a blog post.

The Golden Armor console is based on the awesome outfit Gal Gadot's hero wears into battle. It includes 24-carat gold leaves, Greenberg's blog post says, and comes with a matching controller. This console is being auctioned off on Charitybuzz to support Together for Her, which is assisting victims of domestic violence during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Lasso of Truth model is a more subtle color, with Wonder Woman's iconic lasso encircling her logo. You can win one of these by liking or retweeting the Xbox sweepstakes tweet between Aug. 25 and Sept. 17.

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For the third console, Microsoft was inspired by Kristen Wiig's Barbara Minerva -- the villainous Cheetah (whose look was revealed in the latest trailer). It's a mixture of snakeskin and faux leopard fur, with some silver spikes on the top and front. The controller is painted to match the purr-fect leopard-styling.

In case you're thinking that these consoles could overheat quickly (especially the fur one), Microsoft also noted that they're "for display ONLY, not gameplay." The sweepstakes winner and successful bidder will also get a standard Xbox One X to actually play games on.

The movie was originally supposed to hit theaters in late 2019 but got delayed until 2020, and then delayed again by the pandemic. The studio is now aiming for an Oct. 2 release date

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