Wonder Woman standalone film will star Gal Gadot

The actress has signed on for a multi-picture movie deal that aims to give Wonder Woman her very own film, finally.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
Gal Gadot Twitter selfie
New Wonder Woman Gal Gadot takes a artsy selfie from the make-up chair. Gal Gadot

Break out your Wonder Woman Underoos, the Amazonian superhero may finally be getting her own movie. Variety reports actress Gal Gadot has signed a three-picture deal with Warner Bros. to play the famous DC Comics character.

Gadot is an Israeli actress who was recently cast to sport the likely skin-tight costume in the upcoming Batman versus Superman movie. The multi-movie contract will also bring her on board for a Justice League movie, and (wait for it) a standalone Wonder Woman film.

While it will be nice to see Wonder Woman hanging with her superhero peers, the truly exciting news here is the standalone feature. Fans have been pining for a strong big-screen adaptation for years, especially as a parade of other superheroes have gotten the cinematic treatment.

It will be interesting to see whether Gadot's costume bears any resemblance to the famed high-waisted ensemble sported by TV's Lynda Carter. The popular and kitschy series has stood strongly alongside the comics in the general public's imagination. Considering the current run of darker versions of classic superhero stories, this could be an opportunity for Wonder Woman to take quite a turn away from her popular image.

Gadot's contract news doesn't necessarily make the Wonder Woman film a done deal, but it's the most encouraging sign we've had in a long time. Now, who's rooting for the invisible plane to make an appearance?