Run like Wonder Woman, jog like Batgirl

Princess and superhero running outfits made from performance fabrics turn even the most routine jog into an epic adventure.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Wonder Woman running costume
See-through airplane not included. Helen McCarty

Sometimes you're a superhero. You want the world to know it, so naturally you want the world to know it while you're out jogging. No problem. Etsy seller Helen McCarty has you covered.

Evil Queen running outfit
You don't always have to be on the side of good. (Click to enlarge.) Helen McCarty

McCarty's Etsy shop is called This PrincessRuns. It's full of princess and superhero costumes made of moisture-wicking athletic fabric designed to get you through those long, sweaty marathons in style.

All of the costumes are fashioned from Under Armor Heat Gear performance fabric. The princess skirts are modified so you don't have to haul along massive poofy layers. They're sleek and ready to run. Choose from Snow White or Sleeping Beauty. There are even Tinker Bell and Evil Queen options.

If saving the world is more your thing, McCarty offers a full Wonder Woman running outfit for $120. A Batgirl running costume is under development. It will cost $110 when it's ready.

If none of those options appeal to you, McCarty will also take commissions to create your favorite superhero in running gear. How about a Tank Girl tank top or Poison Ivy pants?

These running costumes will be a hit around your neighborhood or at the local gym, but they would really fit in at one of Disney's races, like Disney's Princess Half Marathon. Of course, you could up the awesome level and start your own Tron triathlon or Emma Frost 5K.

Snow White running outfit
Snow White stays in shape. Helen McCarty

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