What Time Does Black Friday Start? Opening Hours for Target, Walmart and More Stores

Here's when you can begin shopping Black Friday deals in stores today.

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Black Friday is today, Nov. 24, marking the start of the holiday shopping season. And while for some it's a tradition to camp outside of their favorite stores for hours to score deals on items like TVs and iPads, others have decided to shop online Black Friday sales instead. 

Black Friday in stores has widely been known to cause chaos in the aisles and long lines at the registers due to door-busting sales, but many of those deals are also online. However, if you're still planning to shop in person, it's best to know when the stores will open today.

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Keep reading to find out store hours on Black Friday 2023. We'll keep the list updated as we find out more store openings.

What time will stores be open on Black Friday?

Here are the posted hours for top retailers on Black Friday. Keep in mind that hours at individual locations may vary.

Black Friday 2023 store hours

Walmart Opens 5 a.m.
Target Opens 6 a.m.
Best Buy Opens 6 a.m.
Macy's Opens 6 a.m.
GameStop Opens 5 a.m.
Sam's Club Opens 10 a.m.
Costco Opens 10 a.m.
Bath & Body Works Opens 6 a.m.
Dick's Sporting Goods Most locations open at 6 a.m.
Apple stores Most locations open at 8 a.m.
Lowe's Opens at 6 a.m.
Home Depot Opens at 6 a.m.
TJ Maxx Opens 6 a.m. or 7 a.m.
Kohls Opens at 5 a.m
Ulta Beauty Opens at 6 a.m.
Academy Sports Opens at 5 a.m.