New 'Logan' Super Bowl trailer is unnecessary but welcome

Wolverine shows "Amazing Grace" in Super Bowl ad.

Caitlin Petrakovitz Director of audience
Caitlin Petrakovitz studies the Marvel Cinematic Universe like it's a course in school, with an emphasis on the Infinity Saga years. As an audience expert, she rarely writes but when she does it's most certainly about Star Trek, Marvel, DC, Westworld, San Diego Comic-Con and great streaming properties. Or soccer, that's a thing she loves, too.
Caitlin Petrakovitz

A quick trailer for upcoming superhero film "Logan" hit during Sunday's big game, sans Johnny Cash but with a lot of violence. And it gave us our first look at Caliban.

The trailer is only 30 seconds long, but Hugh Jackman as Wolverine gets to pull out the claws for some fierce fighting nonetheless. We also see new harrowing footage of Professor X, played by Patrick Stewart, and a (scared?) Caliban, played by Stephen Merchant, stuffed in the back seat.

But is Caliban actually scared? We'll find out more when "Logan" opens in theaters in the UK on March 1 and the US on March 3.

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