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Samsung: Galaxy Tab S saves marriages (iPad doesn't)

The tablet helps you buy the right shoes, too, according to new ads, thanks to its Super AMOLED display.

Marital salvation. Samsung/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It may take a little more time, but Samsung will find a way to make you understand.

It wants to wean you off that old iPad -- without actually mentioning your old iPad by name -- and help you get with the modern program. This involves you buying the new Galaxy Tab S and consigning your iPad to a consignment store.

Last week, Samsung released two ads that showed you'll be a better parent with the Tab S and you'll be able to see hidden villains in movies.

Today, it's offering two more. And in one is the real marriage saver.

Perhaps you've been there -- the marital bed, that is. One of you wants to read on your portable device, the other wants to snore like an enraged camel.

The latter is harder to do when the former shines a bright light. So here is Super AMOLED that optimizes your screen in a myriad ways to make your reading experience perfect and your lover peaceful.

In the second ad, we see people who are troubled by the color of their world. Something's not right. Perhaps it's their drug prescription.

No, says, Samsung. It's the fact that those old LCD screens are second-rate compared with Super AMOLED. This displays the professional Adobe RGB standard. The pixels are alive with the color of truth.

So if you see a girl wearing turquoise shoes in a bar and think you might want a pair yourself, you can match that very color when you get home and launch into some online shopping -- as long as you're sober enough.

The Galaxy Tab S offers "no more mistakes."

Now that is surely oversell.