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Samsung smacks Apple again (twice)

New ads from Samsung show that its Galaxy Tab S is far better for parenting than some Apple product -- and the screen is better for enjoying movies.

Will Apple weep at these ads? Samsung/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

There comes a point in your life when you have to make choices.

Samsung would like you, once and for all, to understand that its products are better than Apple's. Well, perhaps not once and for all, but at least once again.

In two new ads for its Galaxy Tab S, Samsung shows how deficient its competitor is in two vital areas of contemporary living: parenting and movie-watching.

In the first, Samsung takes on the quaint idea that your iPhone -- or even your iPad -- is your best form of keeping baby happy. Apple has been peddling that notion. Samsung drops a dollop of pooh-pooh upon it.

With the Tab S, you can multitask. This means that you can be both a parent and a human being at the same time.

In the second ad, two men are watching a movie, each on their own tablets. Do people really do this? Yes, they do. In adverts that purport to show that one tablet is better than the other.

In this one, the man with the Tab can see the man with the evil plan. The man with the, oh, what could that other tablet be?, cannot. He is blind to the action, devoid of the right machine for the right experience.

The Tab S, you see, has Super AMOLED. The other tablet, presumably, just has amorphous lead.

The Samsung tablet is, according to those who examine these things, a fine piece of equipment. The question is whether the didactic tone of these comparison ads will break through. Perhaps it will. Perhaps there are many out there who sense their iPads are looking a little old and stale.

Will nicer screens and multitasking persuade them to ditch the old for the new?

"Do you see what I see?" says the voiceover at the end of the screen ad. Well, do you?