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Trump Draws parody account mocks president's art skills

The president may want to think twice about showing off signed paperwork, thanks to a new account on Twitter that Photoshops in child-like drawings.

When President Donald Trump signed controversial executive orders last week for a US-Mexico border wall and a travel ban from seven Muslim-majority countries, he probably shouldn't have held up the signed paperwork to the camera.

After all, many of his more memorable moments and comments have already been Photoshopped into memes. Remember bad hombres?

A brand new parody account on Twitter called Trump Draws has turned his signing of executive orders into animated GIFs. Instead of holding up his signature for all to see, he shows off child-like sketches of a cat, dinosaur, turkey, horse, house and himself with giant hands. Misspellings of simple words are included.

The account's profile states: "I'm the president and I like to draw." Its 150,000 followers have retweeted the animated GIFs thousands of times since the account launched Monday.

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