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Trump's 'bad hombres' debate quote gets Twitter memes galloping

Saddle up and grab the reins. Wednesday's presidential debate has set loose some seriously bad hombres -- and bad ombres, too.

The parade of bad hombres -- and bad ombres -- began early in Wednesday night's presidential debate.

During his third and final debate with Hillary Clinton before Election Day, now less than three weeks away, Republican candidate Donald Trump said that he would rid the nation of "bad hombres," and the memes saddled up and rode on out.

Plenty of the jokes centered on the literal meaning of "bad hombres," with famous faces and names mentioned.

The folks at the Merriam-Webster dictionary helpfully explained the difference in meaning between "hombre," Spanish for "man," and "ombre," a style of graduated color.

And some social media mavens leapt on the big-hairy-deal definition.