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This week in Crave-town

Didn't stay up on Crave all week long? No worries, we've got you covered with a look back.

T-Mobile G1

Too busy rushing to get your money out of Washington Mutual this week to keep up with Crave? No worries, we've got you covered. Here's a look back at just a few of the many interesting, strange, and wonderfully silly stories we covered.

• Google Android finally landed, and we humanoids performed many experiments on it:

• The MacBook redesign is on the way, and the rumor mill is a-grindin'.

Cell phone smart key
This smart key is also a phone. NTT Docomo

• Violent-video-game opponent Jack Thompson didn't have a very playful week.

• Are we nearing the promised land of wireless high-definition video?

• Get GPS guidance from the mouth of Knight Rider's KITT.

• Gentlemen, start your engines--with a cell phone.

• Suffering from a little case of schadenfreude, Verizon?

• From Japan, a cell phone charm that screams: There Will Be Blood.

See anything we missed? Invent an amazing gadget we should know about? Sarah Palin's hair: up or down? Write us at crave at cnet dot com. And have a great weekend!