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Mio KITT GPS available (finally!), but only at RadioShack

RadioShack announced as exclusive retail destination for Knight Rider GPS by Mio, featuring distinctive voice of KITT.


RadioShack scored huge* Friday, announcing it secured exclusive rights to the Mio Knight Rider GPS. For $270, you too can get the voice of KITT (actor William Daniels, not Val Kilmer) to give you turn-by-turn voice guidance.

The 4.3-inch antiglare touch-screen LCD is flanked by voice synthesizer lights that move with every instruction, and the GUI is Knight Rider-esque as well. And just in case your name isn't Michael, there are more than 150 male and female names each to choose from. (I can only imagine how painful that recording session was. "OK, Mr. Daniels, here's the list of 300-plus names we need. Go.")

*By "huge," I mean this is a novelty that could be on many a geek's holiday shopping list.