This week in Crave: Attack-of-the-Mac edition

This week, we got attacked by creatures of the Mac variety. But that's not the only thing that went on in the gadget world.

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Leslie Katz
daning girlbot
HRP-4C upstaged some real-girl dancers in Japan. Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

This week, we went Back to the Mac. But also...

Dell showed us surprisingly affordable high-end notebooks.

• Hard drives got really, really big.

• Hey, can we borrow that Kindle book?

• Bowling man vs. bowling robot: See who won.

• We cruised the strip in Fallout: Las Vegas.

• Angry Birds went goth (finally!).

Play it again, necktie. Spilsbury

• Hulu on Google TV: Um, maybe not.

• Worried about bedbugs? Track them on your iPhone.

• Tickling the ivories--on a necktie.

• A splashy swimsuit for Star Wars geeks. And don't forget the Jedi bathrobe.

Dancing robot headlines girl group.

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