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Hulu doesn't work on Google TV, even with 'hack'

Despite reports that a simple workaround enabled full Hulu access on Google TV products, Hulu is still blocked on Google TV devices.

Matthew Moskovciak/CNET

After reports earlier this week that Google TV users could access Hulu with a simple hack--despite Hulu's attempts to block Google TV--it appears that Hulu has blocked even the workaround method. We fired up our Logitech Revue today, opened Chrome, changed our user agent to "Generic" and although we didn't receive the splash warning on Hulu's home page as usual, we still were blocked when we tried to play back actual content.

Hulu's move to block Google TV users makes sense when you consider the company has blocked other set-top boxes, like Boxee, in the past. The company also offers its Hulu Plus subscription service, and there would little reason for users to pay the $10 monthly fee if they could access Hulu in a browser.

As the message says, we've been told that Google and Hulu are working together to bring the Hulu Plus service to Google TV products, and ultimately that's what we expect to be the officially approved method of getting Hulu on your Google TV device.