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There goes the neighborhood? Ashton Kutcher's on Foursquare

The actor, prolific Twitter user, and habitual oversharer has signed up for an account with the friend-finding app. Now let's see what he does with it.

Ashton Kutcher at the Brainstorm conference earlier this year
Ina Fried/CNET News

Everybody panic!

Seemingly unable to let any hot social media start-up escape his hunky clutches, it appears that actor and prolific Twitter oversharer Ashton Kutcher is now using where-you-at, ping-your-friends city guide app Foursquare. A tipster pointed me to a Foursquare account for user "aplusk," the same handle that Kutcher uses on Twitter for his 3 million-plus followers.

Is it real? Well, his friends include Digg founder (and occasional bromancer) Kevin Rose, videoblogging personality Justine Ezarik, and "mrskutcher," which is the Twitter username for his wife, actress Demi Moore. Since Foursquare requires mutual approval of friend connections, this would indicate that the likes of Rose and Moore believe the account to be legit. And since Kutcher's Twitter account is linked to the Foursquare profile, which requires using the Twitter log-in credentials, it's either legit or Kutcher's Twitter account has been hacked. (And there have been no indications as to the latter.)

So why is this important? Well, it could be pretty momentous for Foursquare if Ashton Kutcher sticks around.

All joking aside, the 31-year-old Kutcher has been a prominent, and admittedly important figure when it comes to bringing social-media tools into the mainstream. His race to beat CNN to 1 million Twitter followers (he won) was one of the publicity blitzes that put the name of the microblogging service on the pop-culture map. Foursquare, a tiny New York-based start-up that launched only six months ago out of the ashes of the ill-fated Dodgeball and still hasn't wrapped up a round of venture funding (though I hear they're working on it) could really get a boost from this--assuming their servers are ready for it.

But it also raises an important security question. Unless they're using Foursquare to broadcast their locations for promotional purposes (as some party photographers and DJs in NYC are already doing, and it'd be certainly interesting if Kutcher did something like this), celebrities using any kind of GPS-based or geolocation app could be making themselves vulnerable to varying degrees of annoyance ranging from pesky fans with cameras to full-on stalking. It could also make Foursquare an appealing target for hackers.

But I assume Kutcher, who seems like a pretty smart guy, will be careful with who he lets onto his friends list. Now for the real question: how long before he unlocks a "Crunked" badge?

UPDATE (1:06 p.m. PT): Just to clarify, a few people were under the impression Kutcher had already deleted his Foursquare account. That was actually due to a broken link in this blog post; Kutcher is, for the time being, still on Foursquare. (My bad.)

On a completely different note, I recommend reading this follow-up post on branding consultant Matt Spangler's blog about what Ashton Kutcher means for Foursquare.