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The latest 'Lost' mystery: the supremely awesome satellite phone

Doesn't it look like an iPhone?


Forget the "magic box," the Dharma Initiative, and how that rather good-looking dude with the eyepatch managed to come back from the dead. The #1 subject of intrigue on Lost these days, for me at least, is the bizarrely iPhone-like satellite phone that fell from the sky along with the multilingual parachutist. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you might want to consult Lostpedia.) What an awesome gadget! And it's so technologically advanced, even Sayid isn't sure how to fix it.

Looking at a screencap of the phone, it appears that it has touch-screen buttons for "GPS," "Home," "Phone," "Clock," "Settings," "Mail," and a few other buttons I can't seem to make out. There are also little buttons for a calendar, weather, and some other things. It's rather awesome if you ask me.

Plus, it points to a new theory about the entire purpose of Lost that I'm sure no one has come up with. The guy in charge of the whole island? It's not Bill Gates (as I had previously theorized), it's Steve Jobs. Think about it. Where do they come up with all those slick new Apple products? It must be in seemingly abandoned Dharma Initiative hatches. There's no other way to explain it.

Besides, that Karl fellow really does look like he should be standing in front of a white background saying, "Hello, I'm a Mac."