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'Lost' secrets revealed: Gates, Ballmer run Dharma Initiative

Microsoft-branded soda raises eyebrows...

Monkey Bites

I was perusing some backlogged posts in my Google Reader when I came across this little gem from Monkey Bites: Microsoft soda available in the lobby of last week's Microsoft Research TechFest. It probably tasted super gross, so it's not like I'm scrambling to get my hands on any. (Disclaimer: I'm a Mac user.)

But it did make me think of an earlier post on Crave in which we showcased a Web site that was making it possible for you to replicate Lost's notorious white label (literally), Dharma Initiative-branded food and drinks. For some reason, my immediate thought upon seeing those pictures of Microsoft soda was, "Hey, they're like the Dharma Initiative."

Insanely Great Tees

Think about it. Bill Gates is fabulously wealthy, a major player in global technology and industry, and he's trying to save the world. He probably owns a few remote islands, too. Coincidence? I think not.

You think Steve Ballmer sometimes wears an eyepatch in his spare time? Or maybe a fake beard?