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The Best Gifts Under $100 for Gen Z

Don't stress over what to get your younger sibling this year. Here are some of the best gifts for teens and young adults all under $100.

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The holiday shopping season has officially begun, which means it's time for making a shopping list and checking it twice. Knowing what to buy for others can be hard, especially if you're shopping for someone in a completely different generation than yours. That's why I'm here to help.

I was born in 2001 and just recently celebrated my 21st birthday. That makes me part of Generation Z, which includes anyone born between 1997 and 2012. While I may not be able to give the best gift suggestions for those born in 2012 (who even knows what 10-year-olds like these days), I can certainly help with shopping struggles for the older Gen Zs in your life. Below are some of the best gifts for Gen-Z teens and young adults all under $100. 


If you're searching for a unique, sweet treat to include as a stocking stuffer, check out andSons' delicious chocolate collections. The signature chocolate collection includes a wide variety of colorful and flavorful chocolates that will make a fun addition to any pile of presents this holiday season.


This is the TikTok tumbler everyone has been talking about. Nearly every TikTok influencer raves about the 40-ounce Stanley Quencher, and after getting one I understand the hype. Stanley's Quencher Flowstate tumbler will keep your drink insulated for hours, or even days. The tumbler is available in several different colors, allowing you to customize it to your loved one's liking. If you're planning on making this your gift, you shouldn't wait: Several colors are already sold out online.

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Remember when polaroid cameras were all the rage a couple of years ago? Well, they're back and bigger than ever. Correction, smaller than ever. The new Polaroid Go Instant Mini Camera allows you to take the same instant film photos we all know and love, but without the hassle of lugging around a chunky Polaroid camera. The upgraded Polaroid camera can now be charged using a USB charger and includes a self-timer flash. The new and improved Polaroid Go camera will suit the amateur film photographers in your life.


This one goes out to everyone born between 1997 and 2001. If you're searching for a simple gift for friends or family who just recently turned 21, then look no further than Owen's Mixers. Owen's Mixers offers a wide array of mixers that go well with all sorts of alcohol. From espresso martini mix to ginger beer mixers, there's something for everyone. Add a bottle of liquor to the gift and you're good to go.

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One of the best types of people to be is the person with a speaker. From simple hangouts to wild pregames, a speaker elevates every event. The JBL Clip 4 Portable Speaker allows you to carry a speaker with you at all times. Don't let the light weight and small size deceive you; this speaker is louder than you'd expect. The JBL Clip 4 Portable Speaker makes for a great gift for every high school and college student.

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The Whatever Party Game guarantees to spice up every game night. I love card games, especially ones that bring out people's more adventurous sides, and this game does just that. From revealing questions to bizarre dares, the Whatever Party Game will be unlike any you've played before. 

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Have you ever been walking around with an obnoxious water bottle and nowhere to put it? Well now you don't need to worry about that. The Calpak Water Bottle Holder fits your water bottle, keys, wallet and other small items. This TikTok sensation is amazing for hikers, college students and other hydration enthusiasts. 


The Padded Pak'r fits just enough for a day on campus or an overnight trip. I've always been a fan of EastPak products and absolutely love this iconic backpack. The high-quality backpack includes a main pocket and a front pocket to store your belongings. 

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