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Tank-treaded boat goes well with James Bond/Batman yacht

It's not easy being a Bondian supervillain; keeping up with the Blofelds requires a lot of status symbols. Here's one to go with your $15 million superyacht: a sporty little amphibious motorboat with tank treads.

Pussy Galore is gonna love this. Iguana Yachts

Bravo! You've bested Goldfinger, and your plot to secretly empty Fort Knox was a roaring success. (Good idea about the gold-painted Legos -- a far less messy solution than nerve agents and Atom bombs.) So now you're looking to officially join the pantheon of Bondian supervillains by acquiring all the appropriate status items.

You've commissioned a wicked-looking, Batboat-like, $15 million superyacht -- and snapped up a nice sporty amphibious vehicle to go with it. And you've got the personal sub disguised as a killer whale. But "keeping up with the Blofelds" is a tricky game that requires constant vigilance. That's why you'll no doubt want to get hold of this sporty little amphibious motorboat with flip-out tank treads.

Faster, Pussycat! Go! Go! (Note the un-flipped-out tank tread.) Iguana Yachts

Yes, you've got Iguana's earlier, 29-foot version of same, but the IG24 is cuter, and it's yellow (which is kinda like gold), and Pussy Galore is absolutely gonna love it. Besides, at nearly 44 mph in water, it goes about 3.5 mph faster than the IG29 -- which could come in handy when trying to outrun Her Majesty's Secret Service. Or, perhaps, when trying to catch a double-O somebody to stake down on the ground and use for a pleasant little test of the tank treads. (The IG24, btw, can go up to 5 mph on land).

We don't have pricing details yet. But, hey, with all those newly acquired gold bricks, you shouldn't have any trouble now, should you?

(Via Gizmag)