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James Bond/Batman boat is anything but a prop

Launched in China recently, the $15 million Adastra superyacht is fit for a Bondian supervillain. Crave invites you to climb aboard.

Sea Wolf: The Adastra's eyed visage is coming right at you. John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs

A superyacht worthy of a James Bond supervillain -- or even of Batman's Bruce Wayne -- launched for the first time recently when the $15 million Adastra took a test drive on the Pearl River in Zhuhai, China.

Commissioned by Hong Kong shipping magnate Anto Marden, who owns and cruises to a pair of islands near Indonesia, the craft is based on the design of speedy Batboat-like "power trimaran" vessels such as the Earthrace and the Cable and Wireless Adventurer. But unlike those boats, the Adastra -- as you'll see -- was meant to be a luxury yacht, which, according to design firm John Shuttleworth, called for some new thinking.

Among other things, to make for smooth and stable cruising (we all know Bondian supervillains hate shaken martinis), the Shuttleworth team developed a new shape for the boat's outriggers -- the flying-buttress-like supports on either side of the main hull. It also increased their height. In addition, the team conducted extensive structural analysis and testing of all components to make them as light as possible and ensure optimum fuel usage and safe sailing.

The Adastra is almost entirely custom-built, from its superstructure of carbon fiber and Nomex honeycomb to its hull made of a glass-and-kevlar foam-sandwich material to hatches, ladders, and even hinges. Its several swanky on-deck lounge areas are complemented by an uberplush interior with a master bedroom and two guest cabins, and the yacht can comfortably accommodate nine passengers and as many as six crew members.

Plus, its svelte bow was specially designed and crafted to allow the yacht's pilot to quickly and cleanly bisect great white sharks. Just kidding. Click through the slideshow above for a detailed look at this sexy Blofeld boat.