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Supermoon captured by photo enthusiasts worldwide

Crave readers and others around the world trained their eyes on the skies over the weekend to capture the biggest satellite show of the year.

This close-up of the supermoon was taken by Crave reader Sherwin Coelho in the United Kingdom using a Canon PowerShot SX 50 HS Bridge camera.
Sherwin Coelho

Over the weekend we got as close to our moon as we'll be for the next 14 months. The resulting perigee full "supermoon" appeared 13 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than normal, turning many amateur and pro photographers nocturnal over the past few nights.

While some news outlets in places like the Philippines reported that the monster moon did wreak some minor havoc with the tides, it didn't bring on the apocalyptic natural disasters that are sometimes predicted each time our satellite gets a little too close for the comfort of the more paranoid among us.

But it did bring out the skyward-gazing technophiles. (During last month's supermoon, Jared Earle combined his iPhone and telescope to capture some great shots of his own.)

Many of you sent in your own supermoon close-ups, and I've posted some of them in the slideshow below, as well as a few from other sources around the world.