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Watch full supermoon in HD here

It's a great night to be a luna-tic. Watch the perigee full moon here starting at 6 p.m. PDT and send Crave your best shots of the massive moon.

The supermoon has a tendency to bring out luna-tics... and bad lunar puns. Lick Observatory

The perigee full moon, a.k.a the "supermoon" is nearly upon us, to the delight of werewolves and other lunar fanatics everywhere.

Despite the many fears that the supermoon brings with it potential apocalyptic powers, NASA reassures us that there's no direct link between natural disasters and the moon making its closest swing through our neighborhood.

So you and your doomsaying friends may as well exhale now, sit back and enjoy the show. It's not even necessary to wait for nightfall this year, as the SLOOH space camera is offering up a live stream of the massive moon from the Canary Islands starting at 6:00 pm Pacific. Making this convenience even more convenient, I've gone ahead and embedded it below for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy, and please forward me your best snapshots of tonight's supermoon at emackcnet-at-gmail-dot-com and I'll put together of a slideshow of our readers' most stunning lunar images (with credit given, of course).