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Carmen Sandiego returns to Google Earth in new game

Ready to scour the globe again?

Carmen Sandiego is back on Google Earth.
Google Earth

Google Earth is calling on gumshoes once again to help Carmen Sandiego bring a thief to justice. 

The new game, The Tutankhamun's Mask Caper, is available to play Wednesday in Google Earth on iOS, Android and the Chrome web browser.

Carmen Sandiego, who first came to life in video games in the 1980s and then in a kids show in the 1990s, is a master thief who has decided to use her skills for good, along the lines of a Robin Hood.

In the new Google Earth game, you'll use a magnifying glass to interview witnesses in different cities and gather clues. When you think you've figured out the next step, you click an airplane icon to fly to the next city. Google Earth introduced the new game for Carmen Sandiego after the success of The Crown Jewels Caper, which debuted in March

"[W]e were blown away by the enthusiasm and speed with which people found the reformed VILE operative," Kristin Appenbrink, Google Earth editorial lead, said in a blog post Wednesday.

Google Earth isn't the only body bringing back the character. Netflix released a Carmen Sandiego animated show earlier this year and is making a live-action Carmen Sandiego movie starring Gina Rodriguez, who also voices the character in the Netflix show.