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Words you never expect to hear: 'Suicide Squad' wins an Oscar

The Joker has an even bigger reason to smile after the action film takes home the award for best makeup and hairstyling.

"Suicide Squad" has mixed reviews on Metacritic, and rates only 26 percent with critics on Rotten Tomatoes. But it also has its fans -- 63 percent of the Rotten Tomatoes audience liked it, and you couldn't get through Halloween without seeing a dozen Harley Quinn costumes.

Still, the 2016 supervillain film was perhaps not the film many moviegoers expected to claim an early Oscar at Sunday night's Academy Awards. The film won best makeup and hairstyling, for the work of Christopher Allen Nelson, Giorgio Gregorini and Alessandro Bertolazzi.

Naturally, Twitter users reacted -- some bringing up the DC-Marvel rivalry, and some specifically calling out how Marvel's "Deadpool" received no Oscar nominations.

But as some admitted, while "Suicide Squad" may not be a best picture contender, its makeup and hair game was pretty on point. So give Harley an extra pot of tea to classily swig in her jail cell, she's earned it.

Of course, moviemaking skill deserves recognition even if the overall movie may not seem like traditional Oscar fare -- they can't all be "Moonlight". Genre movies and more lighthearted flicks are often at the cutting edge of filmmaking techniques -- in fact, here's a selection of 0ur favourite movies you might be surprised to know won Oscars, from "Speed" to "Harry and the Hendersons."

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