Star Wars 'Throne Room' theme gets the mariachi treatment

A mariachi ensemble from San Antonio, Texas, has recorded a very special cover of "The Throne Room." And it sounds amazing!

Laura Martínez Senior Editor / CNET en Español
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Laura Martínez
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Mariachi Entertainment System is known for recording covers of classic video games.

Mariachi Entertainment System/Facebook

Remember the Super Mario Bros. theme song mariachi style?

Get ready now for "The Throne Room," the famed Star Wars theme as you've never heard it before: played by a mariachi band using trumpets, guitars, flutes and violins.

The piece is the creation of Mariachi Entertainment System, a mariachi ensemble from San Antonio, Texas. The group is mostly known for recording covers of classic video games, including Zelda and Tetris, among many others. This time they decided to give John Williams' "The Throne Room" the mariachi treatment.

As Mexicans like to say when something is really exciting: Ajúa!