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Storm the Death Star in a crocheted X-wing fighter blanket

Be as snug as a bantha in a rug with a creatively crocheted X-wing fighter blanket complete with hand- and foot-warming pockets.

X-Wing blankets
Pilot your X-Wing to the comfort zone.
MJ's Off the Hook Designs

Sometimes even Poe Dameron needs to kick back and relax on the couch. When he's not battling the forces of galactic evil, he probably settles in with a hand-crocheted X-wing fighter blanket and dreams of space adventures with his buddy Finn.

MJ's Off the Hook Designs brings us a delightful X-wing blanket modeled after a toy starfighter. The wings stick out on the sides to drape over your furniture or give your cat (named "Yoda," of course) a place to snuggle up with you.

This may be the cuddliest X-wing ever created. Instead of dodging blasts from TIE fighters, you can just chill with your feet and calves tucked into the built-in pocket at the front of the ship and slip your hands into the engine chambers for warmth. Star Wars movie marathons will never be the same again.

You know you want one, so hopefully you also know how to crochet. MJ offers the pattern for download through knitting and crocheting site Ravelry for $5.99 (about £4, AU$8). MJ suggests using a super-bulky yarn to give the blanket some heft and ramp up the coziness quotient.

"The pattern is a simple design using basic stitches but requires several color changes throughout," MJ notes. It can be crocheted in either a child or adult size. The X-wing only has one set of wings, a design choice meant to save on time and materials costs. You could always add the extra wings back in, but it doesn't detract from how awesome the blanket already looks.

This isn't MJ's first foray into crochet patterns that have captured the imagination of the Internet. The designer also offers a mermaid-tail blanket and a shark-tail blanket that makes it look like you're getting chowed on by a great white.

What I would love to see next is a crocheted Jabba the Hutt sleeping bag. "Bring me Solo and a cup of tea!"

You can make the blanket in adult or child sizes.

MJ's Off the Hook Designs

(Via Technabob)